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FRANCEM - alveolar and solid profile for the automobile industry, household appliance sector and construction

Extruded products

The entire extrusion process integrates continuous measurement by optical verification to guarantee control over dimensions and the traceability of production...

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Butyl mastic

Butyl mastic can be used in many ways: it is air and watertight, easy to fix, flexible with no migration of material to supports...

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For over 25 years, FRANCEM has offered a range of self-adhesive profile: single and double-sided, pressure-sensitive, thermoreactivable adhesive...

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Glued seals

FRANCEM produces various O-ring and moulded/welded frame seals, plus seals assembled using cyanoacrylate, neoprene or latex glue to guarantee assembly...

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Die-cut seals

By manufacturing more than 80% of its special machines, FRANCEM provides competitive solutions tailored to its customers' requirements for each project...

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For its rigid or flexible profile, made from one or several hardnesses, FRANCEM has a wide range of technical solutions...

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