A range of products and markets

Our product ranges

Explore our diverse range of cellular and compact profiles, designed to meet the specific requirements of the automotive, domestic appliance and building industries.

  • Extruded Profiles

    Range 1

    Extruded Profiles

    All extrusion processes incorporate continuous measurement by optical control to guarantee dimensional control and production traceability.

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  • Adhesive Seals

    Range 2

    Adhesive Seals

    Adhesives can be used in a multitude of applications thanks to their sealing, fixing, flexibility and non-transfer properties.

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  • TPE / PVC

    Range 3

    TPE / PVC

    TPE/PVC is a rigid or flexible material made up of one or more hardnesses.

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  • Cut extrusions

    Range 4

    Cut extrusions

    Products cut directly from the core of the strip, ensuring perfect precision for all types of requirements.

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  • Bi-material seal

    Range 5

    Bi-material seal

    Produced from a compact, cellular material, this process offers solutions for bonding and waterproofing.

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  • Finishing process

    Range 6

    Finishing process

    The robotic module for two-axis cutting

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Fields of application

Equipped with 5 hot-air lines and infrared shock ovens, our company produces over 60 million metres of extruded profiles a year, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with cross-sections ranging from 0.5 mm to 250 mm.


Sulphur and peroxide solutions (sulphur-free). ISO 7269 - Nebulisation of VW50181, PV3015......

  • Seals for headlamps

  • Seals for bonnet or cover

  • Joint finishing

  • Sealing joints

  • Ventilation tube, etc.

Domestic appliances

EPDM and silicone FDA, NF EN 681-1, WRAS, ACS, KTW...

  • High-pressure steam tubes

  • Hoover seals

  • Washing machine seals

  • Oven and refrigerator seals

Construction industry

UL 94, FAR 25853, M2, M1, F3...

  • Window seals

  • Door and window seals

  • Gutter seals

  • Pipe seals

  • Expansion joints

  • Door seals

General Industry

Standard EN 45545 - R22 / 23 HL2, FD...

  • Drum and container seals

  • Water sports (waterproofing, protection, appearance)

  • Leather goods, etc.


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